Affordable Health Care

Getting Affordable Health Care Is A Major Issue

The price of health care is going through the roof. This leaves most people feeling anxious and unsure of what they can do to lower their costs and how they will afford the healthcare should a major health issue arise. Politicians from all political parties have extensively debated the best way to solve the health care crisis.

Health care prices have skyrocketed for many reasons. Many people assume that the cost of treatment is the reason but this is not always the case. The treatment costs are expensive but they are not the only reason for the rising costs. Another big reason prices are so high is due to drug manufacturers. Many drug manufacturers charge a very high price for the drugs they manufacture and sell.

Brand name drugs usually carry the highest price tag. Many times the brand name drug has a generic counterpart that is much less expensive. Many drug manufacturers have started advertising directly to consumers. The price of advertising has to be factored into the cost and thus prices rise. Advertising also increases demand, which causes prices to rise, because patients now go directly to their doctors and request the advertised drugs.

Many times, patients don’t know that many drug manufacturers sell their old drugs as new drugs simply by changing the packages. The only thing that has changed is the cosmetics -- the actual drug is the same. Drug manufacturers use these sales tactics to raise profits. The people hurt are the consumers who pay more for the drugs while receiving nothing better in return.

Drug manufacturing companies rely on new products to raise their profits and stay in business so when they don’t have any new drugs to sell they use gimmicks such as repackaging old drugs and marketing them as the new wonder drug. One way to avoid this and save on health care costs is to rely on generic versions of the drugs. As a matter of fact, the United States is having major problems in their health care system and many Americans are worried that it will only get worse.

Some people say the problem is with the insurance system, others claim the problem is with drug companies, while others say doctors charge too much. Some people think the insurance system should be deregulated while others say that insurance should be provided by the government.

As the baby boomers of America reach retirement and age the pressure to improve the health care system increases. This issue will certainly be a hot political issue for years to come, until solutions arise that satisfy the majority of the population.